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From: Steve on 07/23/2002
I had exactly the same problem with a Panasonic NV-GS5 camcorder. Tried uninstalling various progs and eventually reformatted and reinstalled completely. Result? Exactly the same. It happened just as I plugged the USB cable in and it was detected - then exactly the same error message as yourself. I put it down to installing from an HP recovery disk which installs various goodies as well as Win 98 but it seems that may not be the case.

Never did get to the bottom of it - it was very frustrating!! New cam and can't download properly onto the pc! Wah!

My solution? I went out and spent 49 on a firewire card which also included a CD of Pinnacle Studio 7 (which is pretty nifty). Works like a dream now.....

Sorry no solution without spending a few bob but thought you should are not alone....



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From: Peter on 05/10/2003
I have had exactly the same problem with my NV-GS5A DVC and HP pavilion pc.

Panasonic should at least have a warning on this product that it doesn't work with this model of pc.

If anyone at Panasonic reads this please get a warning issued.

I now have to pay for a SD reader/writer.

An absolute waste of money for something that should work in the first place.


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