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 Installed NIC card and now blank screen! win98 Post a Reply  
From: Jack on 06/20/2000
OK here is my situation.

I am getting a cable modem provided by time warner for their Roadrunner Service. They tech came and he installed the NIC card. After successfully installing the driver he restarted the computer. Now on the windows startup screen the computer froze so he resetted the computer. Now all that happens is a series of 5 beeps(described below) and a blank screen. He tried taking the NIC card out, but no luck. He also tried a few boot disks.

Now I know those beeps mean something and if it will help I can record them and upload it onto the net.

Anyone know what I can do to fix this problem?

The beeps:
short pause
beep beep
short pause
Low tone beep
Lower tone beep.

Thanks in advance!

PS The only reason I am asking thi on here is b/c time warner is a lousy company. They told me to fix my computer myself and to give them a call once it was fixed so they can come back and finish the job! Can you believe that!


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From: Jon on 07/23/2000
In the event that component damage has occured (and it's possible) you should try to get Time Warner to right their wrong. They probably will be pretty unhelpful and useless, but this definitely seems like a good first step. Failing this, check these:

Keep in mind that the following is at YOUR OWN RISK. I can't promise it will be the absolute fix or that it will work, but I'm quite sure it could be helpful or I wouldn't have typed this. :) I don't have the means to replace you or your computer should either be damaged. When in doubt, call a professional.

Note that when you power on your computer (majority of computers) these items are checked:

If they check out, then all is right with the world and the computer will attempt to boot. If not, then the beep codes are emitted.

Since you mentioned the screen being blank I'd check the memory first! Be sure it's fully seated into the socket(s). If yes and you still get a blank screen, try switching the modules if you have more than one.

Failing that there's the keyboard. Seems highly unlikely, but you could check it's connector and try another in it's place if you have a second.

Then there are the drives. Re-seat IDE cables if necessary and listen for the 'whirring' of a drive that's getting power on startup.

If all that fails then you could write down your BIOS version and search for definitions of it's specific beep codes. Unfortunately the codes vary from BIOS to BIOS, but typically most of us only want to hear a single beep on startup. Hopefully this helps!


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From: kilikini on 07/02/2000

Are you able to boot up at all or when you power up do you immediately hear the beeps? The processor could be loose too. (It's happened to me before!) Beeps usually mean memory, but they can also mean the processor. What kind are you running?


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