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From: Brian on 07/02/2000
My client's computer is giving me an ulcer and turning my hair grey! It's an AMD 450 with 128mb and an SiS 530 mobo with integrated sound and video. It started crashing recently with blue screens of all kinds, random lockups and spontaneous reboots. I reinstalled everything, did all my usual tech tricks, downloaded new video drivers, BIOS update, etc.
Things got better but it's still not right. Tried to get into Safe Mode, but system won't let me! Gives me a Fatal Exception: 0167:BFF9DFFF. That has never happened to me before.
Suspicious about Rnaapp running every time I boot the computer up. That's a Dial-up Networking component. Makes me wonder if some rogue trojan program is always tring to dial out and maybe that causes crashes...
About the only blue screen left during normal operation is an invalid page fault in module at 0000:000004e4
Happens when I try to open Visio 2000. Won't even let me past the splash screen. Also in Quote32, a screensaver.
Right now I'm downloading the Office 2000 SR-1a Update to see if that helps. So far in my experience, Office 2000 causes alot of trouble if your computer isn't kept well-tuned and up to date with the latest drivers, patches, etc.
I'm really tired of badly written software screwing with our minds!
Any comments, suggestions, etc. appreciated!

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