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From: Tracy on 08/19/2000
Since installing an extra 32meg (on top of existing 32), I have been experiencing intermittant crashes in various games.(Invalid page faults, Fatal exception, kernel.dll etc). I have tried using each memory block on its own, in each slot, but the errors continue. Have I just damaged both memory blocks during installation, or could it be the motherboard?. Are there any programs that can be used to check if the memory is working correctly?

OS - Win 98, Processor 233 AMD.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated



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From: Dean on 02/20/2001
Hi Tracy,

I have too experienced the same problem after installing new memory, although when i remove the new memory, the problems do seem to go away. The problem is that only certain applications seem to hilight the errors, especially games. As such trying to convince the Hardware vendor that the memory is faulty is a problem - they test it and it seems to be ok, so they send it back to you...
It sounds like you need to send it back - perhaps try and identify a particular action that causes the problem and see if they will try this out as their test, that way they will see the problem too if it is the memory....

Also, you could try adding this line to your config.sys:


which will test the memory and maybe confirm to you that it is faulty.

Sorry I cant help anymore - I wish I knew the answer...



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