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From: Stacy on 09/01/2000
When I try to run outlook 2000 it brings up outlook but before it displays my outllok folders it hangs and when I do CTRL-ALT-DEL it says Microsoft Outllok 2000 NOT RESPONDING

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From: batgirl on 04/17/2003
You could try the following, working from the Outlook client back. Not sure what you're installed as (Corporate and Workgroup or IMO)

Create new pst file (if you deliver to pst file),
Test it, without importing the old items into it.

I've had this with Ofice 2000 and Office XP. I created a new pst file, and had to let the previous mails go, as it stopped responding every time I tried to import them.

Try the Microsoft Knowledge Base - they also have these errors documented in more detail.

Disable your antivirus and test again. That could cause it.

Hope it helps



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