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 Anyone have a fix for the Windows Restart problem? Post a Reply  
From: Gerard on 09/04/2000
My computer shuts down without a problem since downloading the patch from Microsoft; but when I am not given an option from using the "Restart" option, such as after installing certain software, I get a black screen and my computer goes into a coma. Even Ctrl + Alt + Del fails to awaken it. I must switch off the power and go through the tedious "safe mode boot." I'm puzzled as to why none of the forums mention this problem, since EVERY computer with Windows that I have used suffers the same problem. Any ideas?

Gerard from Down Under


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From: Pete on 01/17/2001
If it's W98 go to your usual search engine and enter the words Shutdown Download or Shutdown Fix and you will end up at the Windows shutdown patch at Microsoft.

(See an entry above)


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