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From: Squeegee on 09/06/2000

This is my first time at trying to obtain advice with
an ongoing Windows 98 problem that has been going on for the last few weeks.

There are numerous problems which I tend to think are all somehow related. First, below is the system I am running and then I will list the problems.

Power Spec Computer (From Micro Center)
PIII 450 MHz, 224MB RAM
14.2 GB HD running Windows 98
All stock , no added 3d cards or sound cards.
except for added CDRW drive and zip drive

This computer runs everything from newer computer
games to all of Adobe's programs (girlfriend works
for them).

The last three weeks I have been getting the error
"Can not find WS2_32.dll" at startup. But, within
the last three days I have also been getting the
following when running different programs:

* Can not access Windows Explorer due to lack of
Memory in the system (as well as all other icons I click on the desktop. Get "Can not find path".)

* CDROM drives will not work (I have two, one a
CDRW) due to lack of memory. But they will work
at times when I re-boot the computer.

* Games and programs will crash due to lack of

What I have done:

* "ScanDisk" and "Defrag" numerous times.

* Cleaned the CD drives

I would assume that I would need to replace the "WS2_32.dll" that is already in the system.

The RAM is max'd out on the computer, so I don't
know why it's telling me that there is a lack of
RAM unless there is such a thing as a RAM leak?

I do have the CDRW and will make steps to backup
the 7+ GB of information already on the computer
so that I can then reformat the hard drive and
re-install Windows 98. I would just like to NOT
use this last idea if possible.

Any suggestions welcomed.


Rob Hansen
Sunnyvale, Ca.


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