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From: Don Willson on 10/27/2000
I'm running a PII 350, with 256Mb memory, lots of hard drive space. When I access home page of and enter a "first name" & " last name" and hit search I get "Pstores caused an error in Kernel32.DLL. Pstores will now close." When I Close the error window the program seems to continue properly though after a delay of about 1 minute. I called since I ONLY experience the problem in their site and they say it is a Kernel32.dll problem.
This has happend with 2 dial up providers and now It started, I think, when I loaded Win98 SE and is still there with Win ME.


What is Pstores?

Where is the problem: Windows, my computer or their site?

How do I fix the problem?

Don Willson


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From: James on 05/04/2009
I get this error sometimes, some of the suggestions here helped but why is it only after I play a game?
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