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From: Carol on 10/07/2000
I am a school librarian with 7 computers for students use. The computers are PCs of various ages, some IBM and some HP, all using Windows 95. Five of the computers are on a token ring LAN and two on an ethernet LAN. All are part of the school-wide LAN. The ethernet machines have more problems than the token ring, but all have similar problems. Two computers share an HP laser printer, three computers share another HP laser printer, and two computers share a HP color ink jet printer.
The problems:
1. The computer crashes during Internet searches,
word processing, and using our online catalog.
2. The computer will not print: crashes when trying to print, message says it cannot find the printer or
the printer is not ready, prints gibberish, sends out
many pages of sheets that are blank or have 1 line of
gibberish, or nothing happens at all.
These things happen a couple of times of days when there is light usage and very often when there is heavy usage. I have learned to correct these situations as they appear and our part-time tech person works very hard to find long-term solutions. However, after a few days of improvement, the problems return.


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