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From: John on 10/07/2000
I have a Dell Pentium ll with Windows98 and using AOL as my ISP.
I have experienced numerous crashes of OleMainThreadWndName after a re-boot. It appears that upon completion of the re-boot, there is an "automatic log-on to AOL. During this process, Norton Crashguard appears and tells me that "OleMainThreadWndName has crashed"; "the program has suffered damage and will be impaired if you continue."
When I hit the "Advanced" button, it says "QAGENT caused fault to MSCVRT.DLL."
If I hit "Terminate", the system freezes and I have to do a manually shut down of my system. The real problem now is that everytime the system is shut down, the crash will repeat. HELP!

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From: James on 09/25/2003
I've been having the same problem with Crashguard reporting a program running that won't shut off "OleMainThreadWndName" and I found the problem... reinstalled MSN Messenger and the problem went away.

I tried doing alot research on the same problem and alot of people have the same problem but no one has a solution... I do all my mail thru hotmail and use Outlook Express... and every time I ran Outlook, the Ole problem would pop up and begin slowing down my system. No matter what I did, I couldn't get it to unload... finally, after working backward, I realized it was occuring everytime I went to check my mail (either thru outlook or from the web)... why? For some reason, MSN has this routine that loads the MSGSVR32.DLL every time you use one of your .NET Passport thingys. If that file is damaged, it will sit in memory and be stuck in some kind of internal loop.

So... I went to the MSN Messenger website... downloaded the new version and installed it... it replaced all the MSMSVR32.DLLs, the MSCVRT.DLL and all the others that were causing the problem and VIOLA... the OleMainThreadWndName never comes up again. Try it for yourself and see if it works!

-=> Jim! <=-


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From: Elisabeth on 08/13/2003
I have the same problem, using Windows 98 SE. I am sure I introduced it with a friend's CD, which I scanned with Norton before use. No virus was detected. But ever since, this message appears at the start with Norton Crashguard. It has only nuisance value sofar (I generally hit the terminate button and then cancel and all's well, but I would like to know whether it affects anything in the long run. How does one get rid of it, if so?

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