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From: Paul on 10/12/2000
I recently built a new PC for myself. It's a Pentium III 800EB MHz processor (running with a 133MHz bus speed) on a SOYO SY-6VBA 133 motherboard, using an ATI RAGE FURY PRO 32MB video card. I'm using "ZEUS" brand 128MB 133MHz DIMMs (which I _think_ might be causing the problems). I originally installed 2 128MB DIMMs for a total of 256MB. Anyway, I was getting a lot of "fatal exception" errors, and found that one of the DIMMs was causing the problem - at least the problem went away after removing the DIMM. And for the record, this particular 128MB DIMM was only reported as 64MB in another motherboard (an ABIT VT6x4).

Anyway as I said, I decided to remove the "questionable" DIMM, so now the PC has only 1 128MB DIMM installed, and games seem to randomly crash back to the desktop quite a bit - although I'm no longer getting the "fatal exception" errors.

The games in particular are "Need For Speed High Stakes", "WWII Fighters (Jane's Combat Simulations)", and EA Sports "NHL 2000". And so far I've reinstalled Windows 98 Second Edition a couple times, gotten the critical updates, run System File Checker, updated to the latest ATI video card drivers, motherboard VIA chipset drivers, and tested everything with System Suite 2000's diagnostics. Everything comes out ok.

Any suggestions??? I'm going crazy here!!




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