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From: Barney on 10/16/2000
This is an odd one- It SEEMS to be associated qith starting a browser while Outlook is open, but instead of the BROWSER causing a failure, for some reason or other, Outlook does.

The symptoms are that if I have Outlook 2000 open, and I open Netscape (4.7) I get the error described below.

If I do a , the task manager shows an instance of winword running, though there is no winword document open. It usually takes at least 2 attempts to terminate the winword process.

Terminating the winword process can have wildly varying effects, anything from nothing happening at all, to the machine hanging, and on at least one occasion, the machine actually rebooting.

Specifically,the error output is:

OUTLOOK caused an invalid page fault in
module RICHED20.DLL at 017f:4805050b.
EAX-0000c699 CS=017f EIP=4805050b EFLGS=00010206
EBX=00000000 SS=0187 ESP=0056ebe4 EBP=0056ed54
ECX=00000031 DS=0187 ESI=0044410c FS=5ec7
EDX=00000000 ES=0187 EDI=00000001 GS=6297
Bytes at CS:EIP:
83 38 08 of 85 ca 25 fb ff 66 c7 40 04 1c 00 66
Stack Dump:
0056f62c 000004c9 004440b4 90e40005 061f0007
7863bc3c 003004af ffffffff 00058f00 6f98061f
90e40005 061f0007 001e0002 00056fa4 000790f0

Does this problem ring a bell with anyone?


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