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From: Susan on 07/27/2002
I am running Win98 SE. Recently upgraded RAM to 128mgs installed new, larger hard drive and downloaded Internet Explorer 6. Outlook Express (downloaded with IE6) fails to launch. Also, while surfing the net with IE6 I experience a significant delay in the execution of commands, such as when I click on a link, I notice approx. a period of 3-5 seconds before the execution of this command begins. Same thing when moving between information boxes when site requires registration.

Could there possibly be a corrupt file in the IE6 I downloaded? Should I download the entire program again and reinstall it over the existing IE6? Same questions apply to Outlook Express.

I appreciate any words of wisdom ... as I have been unsuccessful in my online attempts at searching for answer(s).

Thank you,


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From: Ertha on 11/19/2002
I need to re download ie6 it does not work properly..........

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From: Computerpilot on 08/02/2002
I am not sure of what size processor you are using but I assume that it is a Pentium I, II, or an AMD K-6II processor. With your recent upgrade to IE6, it is normal for these processors to churn with 128mb of RAM installed and take longer than your previous version of IE (v5.0 or 5.5). There are some things that can be done to speed up your computer.

Newer applications and operating systems use much more memory as the average computer is expected to run between 128 to 256mb of RAM. It is also expected that the average RAM installed is PC133 or better. I would check to see if you recently upgraded using PC133 type RAM. A 256 or 512 chip of PC133 is less than 100 bucks purchased online (check out for the lowest prices). I would recommend an upgrade to 256 or 512mb of RAM if you are running a K6-2 processor or Pentium II/III processor. However, I am convinced that you are not running a Pentium III processor (you can post back and yell at me if I am wrong).

Are you running any applications in the backgroud? Check this out by Control-Alt-Del. You might want to have someone that is computer-savy to help you with that.

Are you running a current version of an antivirus software and it is up to date? You should! If you are, make sure that it is up to date. It it is not, then Norton 2002 is my recommendation.

If you are running current antivirus software, try disabling it and attempting to browse/open OE again. Ocasionally, if Norton/Mcafee are not set up properly to scan email, you can get errors.

When you indicate that OE does not open, are you getting an error message? Is it possible that you are using an old link to the previous version of OE? Make sure you have a link for the newest version that you installed. It may be possible to make a link from the program install direcory.

Are other programs running sluggishly? If so, I would suspect that something is running in the background that needs to stop. Check out your startup folder for unnecessary programs launching at startup (start, programs, startup).

This should get you started. I would be interested in learning more about the memory you installed and the type of processor you have. It sounds like you are ready to move up to a newer computer. Remember, newer applications require more and more memory and processor cycles every day.



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