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 Here are some reasons for Fatal Exception OE @ 002 Post a Reply  
From: MacGyver on 11/11/2000
This is all the info I could find on this problem, of which I see at least 15 times a day on various hardware and different windows versions.

It is some sort of networking issue, I have seen it more recently then before, and it is most often caused by REALPLAYER or any other REAL software, I don't know why, but it may be do to the fact that their software tries to tell their main server what it is you are doing, ie. what files you have d/l and listened to.

It is not caused by REAL software outright, just their software makes it occur more often.

It is a failing of Windows when dealing with networking.

Just because you are not on a network doesn't mean you don't have networking software installed in your machine, without networking software, you wouldn't be reading this, ie. "interNET"

This problem can occur because an internal counter used by VRedir was decremented, causing Vredir.vxd to interpret that its connection resources were exhausted. A supported fix that corrects certain problems is now available from Microsoft, but it has not been fully regression tested and should be applied only to systems experiencing specific problems. Complete details on these problems and information on the hotfix is available in KB article Q235276: Dfs Support in Windows 98 Hangs the Client for Microsoft Networks.

Some common causes, as explained by Microsoft are:

- Check for a Valid Temporary Folder and Excess Temporary Files

- Direct Cable Connection or Virtual Private Networking is installed on your computer.

- More than one modem is installed in your computer, or both a modem and a network adapter are installed in your computer.

- Some Universal-Serial Bus support software not fully compatible with Windows 98

- Check the Hard Disk for Disk Errors and fragmentation

- Corrupted Custom Profile

- Verify That the Compact Disc Is Clean and unscratched

- Corrupted Swap File

The Kernel32.dll error may also appear if your Windows swap file is corrupted. To create a new swap file, restart the computer in MS-DOS mode, delete the Win386.swp file in the Windows folder, and then restart the computer. To create
a new swap file, follow these steps:

1. On the Start menu, click Shut Down.

2. In the Shut Down Windows dialog box, click "Restart the Computer in MS-DOS Mode," and then click Yes.

3. At the MS-DOS prompt, switch to the Windows folder by typing the following

cd :\Windows

where is the drive letter that contains the Windows folder.

Typically, is C.

NOTE: The swap file exists in the Windows folder if Windows manages virtual
memory settings on your computer. If you chose to manage virtual memory settings on the computer, the swap file exists at the root level of the hard disk. To
determine whether Windows manages virtual memory settings, right-click My Computer, click Properties, click Performance, and then click Virtual Memory.

4. To delete the swap file, type t


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From: MacGyver on 11/11/2000
Part 2: where it got cut off. -->|

4. To delete the swap file, type the following:

del Win386.swp

5. After you delete the swap file, restart the computer.

Hope this helps all you out there.


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