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 Cursor has disappeared and computer is froze up. Post a Reply  
From: Kimmer on 11/27/2000
While trying to install a scanner, I got an error message regarding an invalid page fault in KERNEL32.DLL
and my HP Pavilion froze up. After restarting it, it came up in a sort of "safe-mode" looking screen, with a
window that said "type a user name & password to log on". I typed in a name, and my desktop shows up in that
same "safe-looking" mode. The next thing that pops up
is a "RUNDLL illegal operation" message, and another
window appears behind that one. However, I can't get
to that next window, because I have no cursor to point
and click on anything. I think part of the scanner program loaded, because there is a "scan" icon on my desktop that wasn't there before. I was thinking if I
could uninstall the part of the scanner program that
was loaded, and / or reinstall a couple of folders that I had thrown into my recycle bin, I might be up and running again. But I can't get to anything, because my mouse has no cursor....HELP !! Thanks.

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