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From: Keath on 07/27/2002
Outlook 2000 hangs up (freezes) since I installed WinWord .I uninstalled WinWord and now still freezes But if I c-a-delete I can quit Winword and Un freeze the program. The question is "" is there some 'hook' in the registry that's calling for winword and not finding it? Can I edit registry to clean up the problem? HOW???? thanks Keath

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From: Computerpilot on 08/02/2002
Forgive me if I insult your intellegince with this solution. I like to start easy then work towards harder solutions...

Make sure that you are not using Word as you email editor. To check this, go to TOOLS, OPTIONS, then MAIL FORMAT. Make sure the option for 'use word as your email editor' is not selected.

Just curiousity, is it necessary that you have Word removed? Outlook does like to run Word in the background at launch and it is difficult to run one without the other. There is no 'registry link' that directly exists between the two. Although, you are really on the right idea with that!

Give this a try and post back if you need another solution(s).



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