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From: Martin on 12/07/2000

My computer oftenly crash in windows, games , internet and it happens commonly. I just wanna know if the power supply can be responsible for these crashes. My fan is making such a noise right now and it's why I wanna know if unsufficient power can be responsible of these crashes.


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From: Courtney on 03/31/2003
Or it could be insufficient cooling... The fan noise might be an indication that the bearings in the fan are about to give out. If you suspect the power supply, you may be cheapest to replace the entire case (which includes the power supply). A rule of thumb I use is that if you need a new power supply, the case is probably chipped, rusted, or bent by that point.

On the voltages, do you have a way of checking them. Some BIOSes have such a monitoring utility in CMOS. Other manufacturers have such a program on a driver disk. If you can find a monitoring utility, take a look at it. That will show you the motherboard and CPU temperatures and what the various voltages are. How much stuff do you have in the machine? You do not need a strong power supply unless you have lots of peripherals (more than one HDD, multiple CD ROMS, and multiple cards). Only if you are brave and know what you are doing should you take a multimeter and test the various voltages. You must have a steady hand and take care not to short anything.


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