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 Continuous lockups with Windows 98 Post a Reply  
From: John on 01/12/2001
AMD Athlon T-Bird 800 MHz
15 gig HD, everything else DirectX compliant, Yamaha sound, Voodoo Banshee 3dfx card. 128 megs RAM

Our system is experiencing continual lock-ups. Usually while surfing the web (and especially on Ebay's motor pages) the computer will show a couple of lines of repeated video and a locked-up system. The only thing that will work is the mouse. It will move the cursor but the cursor can't activate anything. The keyboard is locked up also (the cap key or num won't work). CTRL-ALT-DEL does nothing. I have to power down the system to get it to work.

I have run several different virus programs and nothing has shown up.

I have called my ISP (cable company) to complain and I have e-mailed Ebay as to the possible causes of the problems. We have all of the latest plug-ins. They all say it's not on there end and not there problem.

Any ideas?



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