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From: Ray on 01/14/2001
I use an A-bit BE-6 (the first one). Pentium III 450, vodoo3 3oo AGP, SOund Blaster LIve, Altec Lansing ADA 305, D-link ethernet card. All have their own drivers. The Problem is my computer keeps freezing up on me, especially if I run an office 2000 application, especially Word 2000. But it also hangs sometimes when i use anyprogram. It usually starts with little red and kind of blue, very small dots here and there on the screen, after that the picutre just kind of like phases out. Oh another thing is if i try to scroll down too fast especially in word 2000 it crashes. My OS is Windows ME (just installed it today). I would really appreciate any help. Please don't post any empty replies. Thank you For your help. (if possible can you email me your answer if you have the answer. THank you For your help.



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