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From: Russthebus on 01/19/2001
I`m experiencing internet crashes while online.
Anyroad,I`d like to learn what I can do to prevent this & also learn how to find out who the villan is so legalities can proceed.I spend quite a bit of time online & I`m sick of the BS.It happens often. Approximately 60% to 70% of the time when I`m online.I`d greatly appreciate help to resolve this problem. Thank you very much.

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From: Pete on 01/22/2001
If the modem has a Rockwell chipset then you are not alone. If it is then you should look for the latest drivers for that particular modem.

The Rockwell site is not particularly helpful and there are many in the same boat. Try Drivers guide or Drivers Forum for help.

If not Rockwell then give more info.


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