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 Windows protection error (possibly memory related) Post a Reply  
From: Jman on 02/06/2001
OS : WIndows Me
System: AMD Thunderbird 1Ghz
Asus A7V KT133 Motherboard
128 Mb PC-133 Ram

When i first got my computer, the dram speed and processor multiplier speed was set to 100 Mhz (WIndows already installed). I changed the dram speed to 133 Mhz in my bios settings in accordance with my PC 133 ram. Whenever I changed the settings, windows would come up with the blue screen of death message "Windows Protection error, please reboot the computer" during the startup. I changed the settings of a dram speed in bios to see whether it actually affected stability ( currently now at 133 mhz). At first it worked fine after rebooting. After some time, however the blue screen of death started appearing after shutting down and the computer cannot shut down properly and scan disk always appears after restarting.
When i tried to install win Me it told me that i had not enough conventional memory ?? Anyway for my system specs my comp seems to run a tad slower than it should and it might be related to the memory settings. Please help. That blue screen is driving me crazy. Thanks!


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From: imagez on 08/02/2001
i have the same freaken problem with my 1.3ghz AMD right now i'm still trying to find out wtf it keeps on doing this

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