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From: Kent on 02/22/2001
I am trying to troubleshoot a problem with a new computer system that I sent my father ( NEW USER).
System- AMD900, 64mg ram, 20GB h/d, running windows ME.
When I sent him his computer after loading and checking it myself, my father received his computer and heard noises from inside the tower.
The fan off the processor had fallen off during it's flight or handling, he lives 750 miles from me. I told him how to install the fan and he got it all put together. Since day one there has been problems. The computer will reboot whenever it wants to. I have had him delete office 97 which was not responding. We ran a thourough scan disk and defrag and it ran ok for a week. All his does at this point is play cards. It will shut down in the middle of games completely and then reboots. I also loaded McAfee guarddog pro. This is the same set up I have and I am experiencing no problems. Is there problems with ME I should know about, conflics with gaurddog, office97. Are there any computer diagnosis programs I can download, free. Please make suggestions.
Frustrated at this point.

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From: craig on 12/09/2001
Sorry - sent the same message as follow-up....

I've been having the same problem with the computer spontaneously re-booting. I am running Windows ME on and AMD-athlong 1MHz board with 256 Meg of Ram. Although I have not immediate solution to the problem I have been looking into it and have found everything from bad motherboard, to power supply issues, to a fix that requires soldering a capacitor across a couple of pins - try this website for more info

- no definate solutions yet. Like I said this only occurs for me during any downloading from the internet. If you have the same problem or have found any solutions please post or contact me:


I think I'll buy a Mac!!!


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