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 How do I fix a fatal exception 0E at 0167: 0000001 Post a Reply  
From: Craig on 08/01/2002
I keep getting a fatal exception 0E occured at
0167:00000013 with the blue screen of death. This
occured when ctrl alt delete was used to exit a game.
The game was Tomb Raider Chronicles. Operating system is Windows 98. Computer type I believe is LAM with
Pentium 3 processor. The computer tells me to go into
Safe Mode but it will not and the exception message
reappears. Is there a solution that I can do or must
I take the computer to a technician.

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From: Colin on 04/07/2004
My PC would not boot up due to a problem with McAfee Virus Scan, but the same fatal exception error occured. I've now solved the problem with McAfee (fixing the registry using MS-DOS - not easy!!!). I now still have the same fatal exception error (0E occured at 0167:00000013).

System: Compaq Presario 7474
O/S: Windows 98

Any help would be gratefully received - I'm sick of trying to sort things out using MS-DOS.


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From: Ricardo Alonso on 03/01/2004
The same happens to me. But the difference is that happens during the start up after a hang on the system on proof mode. When started up went directly to failure proof mode and the process finished with the error warning. After that hanged with the scree completely black ( with out image).

I tried the same forcing normal start up, but the system hanged without any warning message.

I tried using the Symantec Rescue diskett. Reload a old registry. No succes.

I am running Scandisk checking surface but i am not very optimist about.


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From: Computerpilot on 12/26/2002

This is a pretty broad error message.

I would start with the video card. Most likely, if you are getting this error message with a game, it is a video card problem.

Get the most updated version of your video card driver and install. You may also try a lower color bit size/resolution/graphic acceleration.

This error message will usually be associated with others that you are recieving. If you are getting other BSODs, please let us know of these as well.



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From: ramesh on 12/26/2002
I am also getting the same error message. Have you got the solution for this error.If you got the solution to solve this problem could u please send me procedure to solve the problem. This is urgent please reply



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