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 Re: BSOD on boot up+I/O Error on anti-virus scan Post a Reply  
From: Pete on 01/17/2001
This may sound very basic and patronising but you have an awful lot of kit in there and an awful lot of things that can conflict.

Why not just install your basic system. Run it, add the next bit if OK, run it etc. You have banged everything in by the sounds of it and it keeps falling over. What causes it you will never know when there are so many things to conflict. Over a few days/week(s) you can monitor the progress of each addition. When it goes pear shaped you will know what has done it and then maybe look at using other drivers.

Add AVP when you are happy that the system runs after you have backed up your registry etc so that if software is making it fall over then you could restore your backed up registry to get you out of the mess.


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