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 Re: BSOD on boot up+I/O Error on anti-virus scan Post a Reply  
From: Tom on 07/22/2001

: i'd get a new motherboard

: : I have just rebuilt my system with a gigabyte GA-7ZXR motherboard, Athlon 1Gig CPU, and a clean install with win98 SE. Ive got an ASUS GE-Force V6800 Deluxe Graphics Card, Soundblaster Live platinum sound card, Iomega zip 250, pioneer DVD, YAMAHA CD-R (SCSI), 8.4 GB HDD. Now the problem - After 6 reformats and clean installations of Win98 SE and Win ME (Different occassions of course) in the last 4 days, am becoming more and more frustrated at persistant errors occurring at start-up and throughout the occassional use i can get out of this machine. on boot up i get the BSOD with the following message:- A fatal exception has occurred at 016:BFF72830. The current application will be terminated etc.. There are other errors occurring during use of system, i.e Explorer errors, dhelp errors and so on. Also when running AVP, on checking the C drive get the following results:- Boot Sector of drive C: I/O error, C:\program files\creative\creative digital audio center\Mmrecl32.dll corrupted. And finally, still have an eratic, jumping mouse, having tried everything to remedy the problem. Please all you geniuses out there i am getting desperate, and closer to the dust bin. Sorry about the novel.


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