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 My computer freezes, then crashes when I play some Post a Reply  
From: Nick on 01/01/2001
I have a less than a year old computer. It has windows 98, 128MB of Ram, an ASUS V3800 2D/3D Graphics & Video Accelerator, a Sound Blaster PCI128 sound card, and it has 550MHz, it is also a Pentium 3. When I play games like Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, and Enemy Engaged, the computer will either freeze, so that you canot even press the power button to turn it off, you need to switch the power bar off. Sometimes it just shutsdown in the middle of the game. This never happened when I first got the game, it just all of a sudden started. I would be happy if someone could give me suggestions on how I can fix this.

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