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From: Don on 08/02/2002
Windows media player allways worked fine for me untill recently.

I use it as I allways have done using the " Wild Tangent valentines day dancer visualisation "

Now suddenly its started playing up ,if I double click on an MP3 the windows

media player opens up and starts to load the visualisation and to play the song then a warning message pops up

Its headed with "Microsoft Internet Explorer"

and goes on to say >>> " 32 or 24 bit color mode detected , if you experience

poor performance, try switching to 16 bit color on your desktop "

If I ignore it and just click the ok button it works fine as it allways has done and

even while the warning is on the screen the MP3 plays as it should

Its just annoying having it pop up every time

Why should it have suddenly started happening and how do I stop it
OS Win 2K




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