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 Computer is freezing too much... PLEASE HELP Post a Reply  
From: Keith on 01/24/2001
The computer is about a year old. It's a computer made from all different parts. It's 600 Pentium III. and it runs great other than the freezes. There are no hardware conflicts. It was using windows 98. I reformatted the hard drive and tried using Windows 2000 ME. The problem continues. It will crash more often in games or programs but never freezes just in the desktop. Every once in a while it while freeze while on the net. Before it had a problem to where when I would try to defrag the hard drive it would get to 10% and freeze the system. I was finally able to defrag it but that still didn't seem to help the problem. I've tried many different desktop size settings. And the computer is very quiet. I was thinking maybe it was overheating... Is that a possiblity? After it freezes and I reboot the system It runs scan disc and runs normal until I try running another program or game. I have my windows set up with the option where there are different user settings and you log in at windows start up... does this have anything to do with it??? someone please help soon

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