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 Computer Screams - Will not boot even from emergen Post a Reply  
From: Barb on 01/24/2001
I was recently running McAffe virus scan and got a message that a long file name was encountered and not recognized. The screen flashed something about scanning with Windows and locked up, blacked out and began screaming.

I could not reboot after this. I was able to use the McAffe emergency boot disk one time to get to a point where I received an error message telling me that my Windows system was conflicted and that I should enter set up.

At this point, my computer once again locked up, blacked out, and began screaming.

I can no longer boot at all. When I start my computer the keyboard registers, the CD Rom drives light up, but it will never read the floppy or hard drive. The computer screen remains black and my computer begins screaming almost immediately.

Is there anything I can do? What happened?


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