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From: vanman on 07/07/2001

If you haven't fixed this yet this may give anybody out there a little more information.

1. Does it get to the section where it should be detecting the keyboard and mouse, then the drives in the system?

2. This is a 486DX2 computer. Did you update the BIOS to by Y2K compliant?

What it sounds like to me is that the BIOS isn't getting booted, therefore the drives won't boot. The good news is your hard drive is probably still in tact, but the bad news is you won't be able to access it in this computer.

: When I turn it on my computer, I am unable to access anything at all. I tried using a startup disk but the computer is reading no drives at all. How can I get it to read A: so that I can reboot or, if necessary, start over and reformat?

: It was suggested that I "enter the CMOS setup when the computer has completed its POST,(Power On Self Test). Watch the screen as the computer boots up for a message on the lower left side of the screen which will say press to enter setup.
: The following are the most commononly selected keys for accessing the BIOS setup:
: Delete key
: F2 Function Key
: F1 Function Key
: F10 Function Key."
: I tried each of the listings to try and get into the BIOS, however with no success. When the screen first comes up, it says AT&T BIOS VERSION 2.04.00(3228, 3232) 486 DX2 RUNNING AT 50 MHZ 301 00640KB BASE MEMORY 11284KB EXTENDED MEMORY
: Then a second screen comes up and says Press ENTER to continue or F1 to run setup (won't work). So, I am still where I was; unable to do anything because the computer will not read from any of its drives.
: Instead, a screen comes up with a square to the right which is filled with N'S. It has lines of four across and three down (12 in all) and directly across from these are lines of two N's, two across and three down (6 in all).
: Like above with a box around it. It also has circles and lines of some sort to the left of those n's, very hard to describe but it absolutely will NOT allow me to go to the BIOS to change settings. Does this sound familiar to anyone? As I said, I tried all of the function keys that were suggested (delete, Function1, Function2 and Function10.) I am totally frustrated and open to any further suggestions anyone might have. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Anxiously awaiting a reply...


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