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 Windows 2000 Server: IP Stack freezes Post a Reply  
From: didi on 02/12/2001
Hi folks,

Im looking for a solution to this problem for quite a while now. Maybe someone out there can help me.

Mainboard Asus P2B-DS
2x Pentium III 500
ATI 3D Charger 8MB AGP VGA
Adaptec AAA-133 RAID Controller
a whole lot of SCSI disks
Intel Pro/100 S Network Adapter

The Problem is that sometimes (has been twice a day, has also been running for a month without... ) the IP Stack freezes. The machine is still running, you can login and everything, but there is no netwok connection. The only solution then is to reboot the server.

The drivers & OS are up to date, and I dont know what to do with that thing... can anybody help me ?




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