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 Re: VMM(01) + 0000DF53 - me too! any solutions??? Post a Reply  
From: Dennis on 09/07/2001
Hey there,
Did you solve this one? I keep having it pop up, usually when online. Pentium III, Win ME, 384RAM, really old monitor, lol.
Please email if anyone has any ideas, it's annoying the hell out of me!



: Hi

: I get a VMM(01) + 0000DF53 ERROR:OE:0028:C000EF53
: error if any one has an idea about this one please mail me at

: Thanks


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From: Richard on 01/03/2003
Seems the problem was compatibility with the video card and mainboard.
I did get a new video card since then and haven't had the problem since. I'm now also in the habit of installing latest mainboard drivers for AGP controllers. Which does seem to make things more stable.

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