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From: craig on 12/09/2001

: I am trying to troubleshoot a problem with a new computer system that I sent my father ( NEW USER).
: System- AMD900, 64mg ram, 20GB h/d, running windows ME.
: When I sent him his computer after loading and checking it myself, my father received his computer and heard noises from inside the tower.
: The fan off the processor had fallen off during it's flight or handling, he lives 750 miles from me. I told him how to install the fan and he got it all put together. Since day one there has been problems. The computer will reboot whenever it wants to. I have had him delete office 97 which was not responding. We ran a thourough scan disk and defrag and it ran ok for a week. All his does at this point is play cards. It will shut down in the middle of games completely and then reboots. I also loaded McAfee guarddog pro. This is the same set up I have and I am experiencing no problems. Is there problems with ME I should know about, conflics with gaurddog, office97. Are there any computer diagnosis programs I can download, free. Please make suggestions.
: Frustrated at this point.


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