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 Rnaapp won't close, crashing on shutdown, 0D & Post a Reply  
From: Larissa on 06/01/2001
I have an HP Pavilion 8750c 667 with Windows 98 SE. The Rnaapp in Task Manager will not terminate. (this is a new issue, only started in the last few days) I know that this is a Dial-Up utility, but it's always there, now. CTRL/ALT/DEL, End Task doesn't work. It doesn't even pop up with a not responding box! I've rebooted repeatedly, Ended Task over and over, and nothing helps. Even with only Explorer and Systray running, it won't quit. I downloaded enditall.exe and attempted to exit Rnaapp that way, to no avail. Repeated enditall many times and Rnaapp would say terminated, then be running again immediately, as if it was refreshing itself.

Additionally, since Rnaapp stopped closing I've been getting error messages on shutdown, 0D & 0E fatal exception, will terminate. I hit "any key", and just get the same error again or a new one which then repeats, and CTRL/ALT/DEL won't work, so I have to power down from the CPU power button. Naturally, scandisk runs every time it starts back up, but never finds anything.

I've searched all over the net and haven't found a solution yet. Suggestions, anyone?

Thanks in advance!



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