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From: GUILLERMO on 08/05/2002
As soon as I trespass with the mouse the border limits of the template page I'm working on while using the MS Home Publishing 2000 program in my Gateway 850 "Performance" PC (Windows 98), the following error message will appear on screen:

"HPUB caused an invalid page fault in module QDGW.DLL at 0187:4014b301."

I have noticed that this is more likely to happen when importing a clip art image either from the Internet or from the MS Works Suite CD's and trying to enlarge its proportions.

Any possible remedy to this will be appreciated and tried immediately.

Thank you.


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From: BradG on 02/03/2004
Well, Its been a while since anyone posted here, but on a computer I had that had this problem I narrowed it down to Adobe Type Manager loading in the system.ini file.

ATM makes the following changes

changes from:

and adds:

change it back to system.drv=system.drv and delete the other line. This should not effect functionality. The was happening for me when I call adobe photo deluxe that came bundled with a scanner from hp.


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From: Rob on 01/28/2003
The URL in the previous reply os not quite correct - you really want this one:;EN-US;Q258766

This gives you a few things to try to fix this problem.

Hope this helps!


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From: Computerpilot on 11/22/2002

Please see this link to fix your problem...;en-us;q246698




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From: Kim on 11/21/2002
Hi I am having the same problems...did you get any response or tips?

Please let me know if you had any luck.


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