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From: J.B on 06/20/2001
Since two weeks I'm looking for a solution to this freezing problem a lot of people have. My computer still doesn't work but I've seen many solutions on many forums that perhaps can help anyone. Here are those that I remember (the first thing is certainly to install the newest drivers) :

- disabling acpi (I've encoutered it for problems with SBlive and Via chipset, but it can be a rainbow in the storm for some people) by reinstalling Win with the /p i options: cd:>install /p i, by the Bios option or by changing a driver in devices properties window.

- increasing cpu voltage. How many must depends on the cpu, but this is a solution that have worked.

- add all the VxDs that are needed in order to don't use VMM32 instead. There is a thread about that in this page.

- I've seen something strange about unplug the RJ45 from the network card...

I must admit none of these solutions have worked for me. Instead:

- installing Win with just the video card in his slot, then shut off and add one card by one.

Since that I have differents things. My freezing problem is now changing into: a freeze with the mouse cursor upon the application (mainly games, but internet, outlook and others too), a sudden return to Win desktop, a vmm bsod or a reboot.

I'm asking myself if this can't be linked to the mouse. Perhaps people more qualified than myself can answer. Or can these be the clues of a failing power supply (yes, sometimes the screen stays blank after a reboot) ? I read many people have changed theirs and it doesn't do anything.

So here it is... I hope this can help, and that there exist answers I've missed :) Or are the last problems unrelated with freezing ? Thanks in advance.

duron 700
biostar kt133a
geforce 2mx
windows Me (since two days)



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From: J.B on 07/19/2001
It was the power supply...

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