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 game crashing after 2 - 5 min of play.. Post a Reply  
From: Jeremiah on 06/20/2001
hey i just got a new Kingston turbo chip 400 amd k6-2 3dnow.....and i hooked it up to my Space Walker HOT-557 mother board... and couldn't wait to try some i installed Tomb Raider 3 and started playing then it froze up 2 minutes after playing.. i was thinking maybe it was just a one time thing i ended up rebooting the computer about 80 times and I've updated the mother board bios.. video card drivers and bios.. and nothing works..i have a 16 meg 128bit 3dfx voodoo banshee.. 64meg ram and a 3.1gig hard drive.. windows 95.. I've also tried a few amd patches for the game but then i found out that other games crashed i don't know what to do... I've tried tech support lines but they don't help much at all... I've also tried setting the mother board v-core voltage to dual voltage I've raised it to the max and I've tried it at the lowest setting and nothing works!!! can any one help me?

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From: J.B on 06/21/2001
Yes my problem is exactly the same for more than two weeks. Since then, I'm looking for people who don't have those frozen screen anymore. That's why I've posted the thread just before yours. Perhaps there is in it a solution you haven't tried yet.

Anyway, if you can fix the problem, can you post what you do here ? It might interest a lot of people. Thanks and good luck.



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