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 The Good the Bad and the UGLY kernal32 - MIRC Send Post a Reply  
From: DJ_Nicholas on 07/04/2001
Here's A Tricky problem, this has been a hassale on my system since day 1, Well i installed the the latest version of MIRC and ever since then, when i run mirc i noticed my computer runs like a 486 with windows 98 SE, when my system really is an AMD Athlon 1ghz, i also came to the conclussion that it wasnt my AMD proccessor, But The Good Old Kernal32 System Proccessor, i found this out when i was looking at at Sysmon.exe program in the windows directory the Proccessor usuage is at the full 100% and doesent seem to lower its level even after the system was untouched for 30mins, this only happens when im connected io my ISP and i run mirc as soon as i connect all of the above accures, im pretty new to the computer scene, although i have picked up a fair bit but this problem is the mother of all problems that i have faced....

Sincerlly: Beginners Problem
(I Assume most of the advanced Computer people out there know how to fix the prob)

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