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From: Andrew on 07/06/2001
I get the following message whenever I try to open my D drive when there is a CD in the tray. :

"A fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028:C18327B3 in VxD scsilhlp(03) + 00000583. This was called from 0028:C1832738 in VxD scs:1hlp(03) + 00000508."

I have a Compaq Presario PC with Intel Celeron Processor,63MB RAM, and a DVD-ROM drive.
My operating system is Windows 98.

Can anyone tell me why I get this message?
Could it be anything to do with having donwloaded the latest Windows Media Player software?


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From: Cian on 03/11/2004
my friend is getting a similar problem but isnt able to turn on his pc, as soon as he turns it on he gets this error msg can any one help me with this problem.

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From: sasha on 09/06/2001
I am not sure if this e-mail will help you but it may be related.This e-mail is addressed to my friend.

Finnaly, after long period of time and many hours of research I COMPLETELY solve the problem of LOCKUPS and ERROR messages on my computer.It wasn't virus,or conflicting software, it wasn't conflicting or outdated drivers. It wasn't server that caused computer to "freeze".Believe or not but it was "McAffe on line ANTI-VIRUS" that caused several problems since I installed it .I will try to be more specific regarding the matter.Long time ago when I accidently deleted original McAffe(before I downloaded new one on line)I did have some problem with computer. First problem was that I did not updated my computer at all and the second that I was running programs that required more memory.When the screen turns blue and you get error message that says:"GENERAL PROTECTION..."Also,occasional your screen freezes .This is the sign related to lack of memory.
McAffe is not the only anti-virus program that causes the problems to people who run windows 98(maybe other windows have problem to/I just looked for info regarding win.98)I have heard from people who had Northon-antivirus the same thing.Idea of that antivirus program was directly connected with my computer problem came after I did some research on line.There are on line computer conferences where people exchange their experiences and explain their problems.Gopal who works for IBM also suggested same thing after I have sent him many e-mails regarding the case.Here is most repeating error message that I was receiving twice (or more) a day. Also my computer would freeze twice(or more) a day(depends on how much I would use it):
a fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028: C001545A the current application will be terminated
press any key to continue or press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart your computer.
The screen would turn blue and this error message would show up. Sometimes I would press any key and I would be able to continue and sometimes I had to restart the computer( sometimes if I would continue working on computer, screen would totally freeze,including the mouse and I would have to turn computer off).
Beside this error message occassionaly I would have:
a fatal exception OE:0167:BFF9FFF a curent apl...
this one would show up sometime after the first one and after I would press any key to continue. There were other fatal exception error messages that would show up and all related to the first one.
Anyway,now after I completely removed all McAffe components out of my computer system,everything is working fine.NO ERROR MESSAGES NO SCREEN FREEZING.
I hope this info will help you if you are experiencing similar problems with your computer.
Happy birthday again and see you at Saturday.


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