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 Any conflicts between Norton GoBack and Win ME? Post a Reply  
From: Gerard on 08/08/2002
I understand that Norton's GoBack provides a complete backup of files and folders, where Windows ME only backs up the registry. And since Win ME is prone to backing up corrupt files, making it near useless, I am thinking of installing GoBack. But wouldn't the two automatic backup programs compete with each other?

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From: Computerpilot on 08/11/2002
Have you tried or reviewed Norton Ghost? This might be a better option for what you are trying to do.

I usually never recommend any backup program (with full restore functionality) as I am not aware of a company that has got it completely right. Of course, I need to appologize if I offend anyone with my opinion.

WinME simply backs up the system information to a file on your hard drive. It is set up to restore that file if necessary (choosen through the advanced startup options). Therefore, there is no conflict with Norton as it will create its own copy of the system files into its own directory.

My recommendation to all my users is to work with a CDRW or TAPE backup device with software. I set up my personal files that I would want to backup and save it into a file. Then I run a backup of critical files I will need after a restore (not application or system files). I recommend this as most crashes will occur with the operating system or virus-associated. Therefore, a direct backup will be unsuccessful as it will simply put corrupt files back into your computer. I always recommend a complete re-format of a hard drive before a restore as it will get rid of about 98% of viruses and allow you comfort in knowing your system is completely starting over without errors.

If you do not like my recommendation, then this is what I would do...

I recommend another hard drive with Norton Ghost if you want a complete backup of your system without having to reinstall all your applications. This software has proven itself very effective to copying the directory tree of one hard drive and copying it to another drive or partition.

Hope that my input helps.



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