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 An exception 0E has occurred at 0028:EF6FF000 in V Post a Reply  
From: Ant on 10/12/2002
The full error message is this:

A blue screen pops up:
An exception 0E has occurred at 0028:EF6FF000 in VxD---. This called from 0028:C0015BD5 in VxD---. It may be possible to continue normally. The options of press any key, and etc..

however, when I press any key it comes with Fatalexception 0E has occurred at 0028:FF08B4D2. Current Application will be shut down. Press Any Key to continue, and then Fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0028: EF6FF000. Program will be shut down etc.. though, normally I don't see the FF08B4D2. Also, the program tends to not shutdown, it just freezes the computer instead.

This happens when playing one of several games: Baldur's Gate 1&2, WarcraftIII, and sometimes Thief: the dark project, but On everything else, it runs smoothely; I'm currently running on Windows 98 V2, system specs are 1.2 ghz pentium processor, 32 mb SiS 630/730 integrated chipset videocard, and 256 mb of Ram.

Any Ideas on what's wrong and how to fix it? Anything will be greatly appreciated, thank you.


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From: ali on 05/15/2004
afatal exception 0e has at 0028:f0005728 the current application will be terminate

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From: TBONE on 11/18/2002
I've spent countless hours researching the BSOD FATAL EXCEPTION CRAP!!!

Mine is OE 0028:c001545a, then coooBC4E, then OD 17b7:000035f6

System is;AMD 1200mhz, 512ram, AOpen, PA256 mx (NVIDIA GEFORCE2 mx/mx400)and Soundmax Integrated Digital audio

I've tried reinstalling win98se, updating drivers, bought "Ontrack Fix-it utilities" program. I dont want to give up but what the HELL!!!



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From: Computerpilot on 10/15/2002

This could be a problem with DirectX v8.1 and your video card. I know for sure it has to do with your video card and only when it is running hot.

You can try a few things. First and foremost, find an updated driver for that video card! You can get this on the motherboard's site or elsewhere. I would try your motherboard's site first. Secondly, are you using the full amount of memory capable? Check in your bios for how much memory the video is using. Make sure that it is pulling the full 32 mb of memory.

Personally, I hate integrated video. It uses memory that could be allocated to other programs and decreases system memory. Especially with Windows 98, which does not allocate memory very well (windows ME is a little better but not as good as XP or 2000). This is just opinion, but I would consider buying a better video card. Oh, and stay away from any GeForce 400 series video cards...

Another item I would look into is your virtual memory. It is possible that during the game, you are running low on memory. I would stick the initial size of your pagefile.sys at around 750mb. Post back if you do not understand on how to change your virtual memory settings. Virtual memory is simply using a segregated part of your hard drive (hidden file) as RAM. It is much slower but will help with high end graphics and images. Also, you may consider another 256mb of RAM. Keep in mind, when your video card is configured for 32mb of RAM, your system is left with 223mb of RAM.

Feel free to post back. Hope I helped.



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