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From: bruce on 08/11/2002
I am getting this error when browsing the web or while running Grokster and then it shuts my browser or program down. I am running win98, 400mz 160mb ram and have DSL internet service. Any help would be appreciated.

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From: Computerpilot on 08/11/2002
I assume that you have started getting the problems after installing Grokster. I would attempt to uninstall the program and check to see if you are getting the same error messages.

Are you running a firewall? I would definitely consider this if you are running a DSL internet connection with this type of software. Some Trojans have been known to give similar error messages.

Also, I noticed an unusual RAM amount. If you have recently installed memory, try uninstalling the upgraded chips. It is rare, but possible that the RAM chips are bad and would give similar error messages. This would be my last resort of troubleshooting.

Otherwise, re-trace your recent additions to your system since the error messages. It is very typical that some recent change in the system configuration (hardware of software) creates new error messages with win9x computers.



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