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 Phantom Re-booting on-line? Post a Reply  
From: jOHN on 08/05/2001
Win 98 Second Edition
IE 5.5
PC 450 AMD K6 128MB RAM
Voodoo Card

When on-line my PC keeps randomly re-booting. Sometimes it's ok for days other times it re-boots dozens of times in one day.

I have re-formated and re-installed many times but still the strange bug lurks!
Any ideas?


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From: Rich on 11/25/2001
Ok,this is probably a long-shot,but it did happen to me,and you did say "Phantom rebooting on-line" so here goes.
Check to make sure that you don't have your hard-drive as shared with no password.If you do,then unshare it permanently or at least when you go on-line. I had someone messing with my programs and rebooting me while on-line once. I couldn't do anything to stop them until I realized I had left my C drive in shared status. After that I was ok.I also had a virus and the newest version of Norton made quick work of that.


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