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From: Lynn on 08/16/2002
My CDRW worked it is not. I get this error when I try to put any type of CD in th CD Rom D drive. I have a Philips CDRW 800 Series.

I can open the CD Rom and Close it without this error, but if I try to put anything in it, Pop goes the error.
Is there a MSConfig or some kind of driver I need to download?

Thanks in advance!!!



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From: fern on 12/20/2002
I have the identical problem and have tried all the above.
Please advise as to whether ther's anything else I can try.
The message doesn't provide more detail than the OE 0028:00000013 exception error.




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From: Jason on 10/31/2002
this also happens when you are trying to load a digital camera
try takeing everything out of the startup items in msconfig

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From: darkone on 10/02/2002
well i have recently been to the philips web site and not only do they not have a driver for the cdrw, they also do not offer free support with any problems. as for your problem with the drive. i am having a similar issue. when i open my drive and close it it is constantly attempting ato read a cd even if there isnt one in there. if i have a cd in there my comp freezes. i dont really know what could be causing this since i have never encountered a problem like this.i have been looking for a firmware update for the drive but have been unable to locate one. i can tryt to keep you posted should i find anything that may help but things arent looking good. i think i may need to find a new drive.


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From: Computerpilot on 08/21/2002

I am not sure of what operating system you have installed, so I will venture a guess that it is Windows 98.

Also, you did not give the FULL error message so it is difficult to assess the exact problem and give you a solution.

However, if it is what I have seen in the past, it had additional VxD information that might be helpful here. I think your problem is associated with a virtual driver in Windows (this would be a system file).

I bet you started having the problem after you installed some software for your CDRW. This particular software product you installed will change system files to allow the software access to your CDRW drive. This is NOT uncommon, but I have seen certain drives affected by different burning software.

Download an update to any new CDRW software from the Internet. Roxio (typical burning software) has many updates on its website that are REQUIRED for MUCH of the newer CDRW drives.

If you recently installed new software for the CDRW and had a previous software that worked, you may also consider returning to it.

If all else fails and you have Windows 98, you may have to uninstall the software and run the SFC utility. Start, Programs, Accesories, System Tools, System Information, click on the Tools menu and select System File Checker. This is not available on any operating system after 98 as it is automatic.

If none of these help, then it is a possiblity that you have a driver problem with your CDRW. If your CDRW came with a driver disk (rare), then you might consider updating the driver. You may need someone who knows a lot about computers to help you with this issue. Also, you may check your CDRW manufacture website (Phillips) and find an updated driver version for your unit. Again, a computer whiz might help you on this issue.

Hope this helps, feel free to post back for more advice if you cannot get any of these solutions to work.



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