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 oe 016f:bff7b018 on the boot.... Post a Reply  
From: Deb on 08/17/2002
almost everytime I load up my computer in the morning I get the same OE error.... I have run a fwe diagnostics and no problems found!! its driving me nuts..> I did a scan and checked for sub sevens just in case...
I found nothing... my computer is supposedly in good shape...

ARG this is drving me crazy I do this for a living and none of the tech geeks I work with can figure it out either!

There are no mem leaks, all the programs are running fine.
I am about to reformat and reload! its driving me that crazy!!
Any idea form you all???


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From: Computerpilot on 08/21/2002
As I am sure you already know, this these OE errors are memory allocation type errors returned by the processor to the OS. Future versions of windows after ME did not have the 'blue screens of death' as they are able to compensate for the problems (and Microsoft did a much better job of avoiding the problems in the first place).

Therefore, it is safe to assume you have recently changed a driver, installed a program, installed new hardware, or changed something in the Operating System. Since this memory address is not familiar to me and not documented on any of my records, it is safe to assume it is probably not an OS problem. Also, you can assume that if it is a program problem, it is probably not a popular program (home user type program). It could definitely be a driver issue. Again, if it is a driver issue, it is probably a rare hardware device/driver INF.

Also, this occurs during startup so it is most likely a startup device. Try disabling particular items in the startup list (Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Information, then go to the configuration tool in the Tools menu). There, you will be able to 'un-check' startup items. Also check the starup folder in Start, Programs.

Also, have you tried a selective startup in the Advanced Startup options? You can confirm each item after it loads. The last item to show that you confirmed before the blue screen, is causing the problem. This includes hardware and software.

I hope this gets you on the right track. Sorry I did not know this one off the top of my head.



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