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From: Kathy on 08/23/2002
Is there a good software program to monitor & diagnose workstation crashes? Thanks!

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From: Computerpilot on 08/26/2002

It is called, Windows 2000 or XP. The newer windows have more tools to work with crashes and monitor computer performance. I particularly appreciate Windows 2000. However, my home computer runs Windows XP home edition and I have been very pleased with its tools as well. The home edition does lack a few items that the pro and 2000 has.

These operating systems use the Event Viewer and it gives a short desciption of the problem and an associated error code. You can go to Microsoft's website, look up the code, and find a solution. The really nice part about this is that Windows does not inform you of the problem by giving you a nice blue screen and a processor return memory error code (OE and VxD type errors). The only time you will see blue in these operating system's is when you have a serious hardware problem. Then you will get a 'Stop' error message that is VERY easy to diagnose. There are only a few things that can create a stop error message so that is why it is so easy.

If you want advice on a system utility that can help you out with your PC (ie Norton Utilities or McAfee), you won't find that with me. I do not recommend these products to average computer users. If I say 'defragment' and you know what that means, then forget the rest. My suggested operating systems have automatic system file checkers every time you startup. Any system file that is corrupt or damaged, will be replace automatically (more so with Windows XP).

Hope this advice helps. Sorry it was so opinionated, but I think that was what you wanted...



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