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 Emilinating program openings at start-up? Will it Post a Reply  
From: Ann on 12/03/2001
My husband is using a Toshiba laptop with Windows ME. At start-up it automically "opens" things like CD maker and Real Time and hotsync. These deplete the system operating resources dramatically. Yesterday I spent half the day trying to install aol for him. The techs told me that one problem was that the resources were at 67%. After I restarted the computer and manually deleted all those open program it was at 87%. I successfully loaded aol 6.0, but guess what? When prompted to restart the computer to access 6.0 I was right back to square one. Now I get an error message that waol caused a kernel 32.dll, and I can't use the program. Come on all you smart people, help me break the code! (NOTE: 3 hours of aol tech support from 3 different people- and let me tell you, Larry was a little wired- and they said to call Microsoft.) NOTE: We have been running aol on this same computer for the last 3 months, also loaded from a "free trial" CD....

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