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 My computer won't start first try and then wil Post a Reply  
From: Factory53 on 12/21/2001
Lately I have been having a lot of trouble with my comptuer:

Motherboard: P6VAP-A+
Chip: P3 933 - Windows 98 OS
RAM: 128 mb SDRAM

When I go to start up my computer in the morning after its been off all night, I press the power button the computer lights up like it's going to start but nothing happens, I can't reset, so I have to hold the power button in until it shuts itself off and then turn it on again and then it will start up *occasionally with a weird siren sound and the screen flickering green then red*. But finally it will start and I'll be working away and then all of a sudden it will shut down, and start up with the Microsoft Scan disk screen checking my Drive C:.

This is really bugging me, I've had my computer formatted 4 times in the last month, and nothing has changed, I keep getting weird blue screens because some .vxd's couldn't be found...bla bla.

If anyone can help me I would totally appreciate it, I'm begining to think that its got something to do with the bios which I know nothing about.

If you have any information for me could you please send me an email at

Thanks so much.


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From: Tom on 11/14/2002
You could try something like norton crash guard or semantic bomb shelter it catches the crash and don't fix a dern thang but no reboot
find a free ram test program and virus check
scream at bill gates for this

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From: Jessica on 11/14/2002
My computer is doing the samething .. and i dont know what to do. I do the same thing i turn it on in the morning when its been off the whole nite and it comes up like normal .. and then my screen saver pops up with no icons and then it freezes Im thinking that you have to reboot it but im not totally forsure on that but if you do that you will lose everything like if you had music on there that will be gone anything downloaded or saved will be erased and you will have to start over. But im not totally for sure on that. Jessica

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