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 CPU Shut Down Problem in WIN98se Post a Reply  
From: Daryl on 08/29/2002
Here is the error message i get when shutting down my computer, its running WIN98se

Invalid VxD dynamic link call from FBWin95(01) + 00000881 to device "3FA1" service 1D



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From: Computerpilot on 08/30/2002

Completely uninstall your version of McAffee virus software and purchase Norton Antivirus 2002/2003 and install. You get a full year of virus updates with Norton's virus software. I know that the price is cheaper with McAffee and they offer a firewall with their virus software, but believe me, it is not worth it. I have worked with Norton and think that it is a stable virus solution. They are definitly not perfect and need to work on a few issues, but they have an easy interface and do a good job without slowing your computer too much. I appologize if I offend and McAffee enthusiasts.

Uninstall McAfee -completely- and reinstall. Completely = remove shortcuts and program directory. You can stay away from editing the registry. I think you should be ok without doing that.

Hope this helps. Post back if it does not and I will give you the run-down on the registry edit.



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