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From: Jeff on 08/29/2002
We have had a large number of HP Dat drives failing. The models we use are the HP24i C1555 12/24 DAT drives. We have them on seperate SCSI cards 2940 UW with the speed turned down to 10. Drive works fine for a few weeks then dies giving mounting error or CRC's. Any ideas or help is appreciated

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From: Computerpilot on 09/03/2002
This is what HP recommends:

I know that it is long but I think this is what you are looking for. Are you using Veritas Backup Exec?

From reading your error message and Veritas support docs, it might appear you are using the wrong driver for your unit. You might want to check this.

Also, it is possible you are getting SCSI bus timeout problems. See this link:

See this for proper configuration of your SCSI card and the 1555:

General help from Veritas regarding error message:

Also, have you tried the backups without hardware or any compression? If this works, then you can narrow it down to the compression process.

Also, have you tried using Windows backup software to see if you get the same error messages? Windows backup software will not use hardware compression in most drives. But it would be worth the test to see if it may be a software issue. This would definitely pinpoint a driver issue with the Backup Exec software.

I hope this gets you thinking. I appologize if I am not much help. I do not use the Backup Exec software and typically use Travan (T-5) tape. Little slower, gets the job done.

I am very interested in your solution so please keep in touch! Thanks!



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From: Computerpilot on 08/30/2002
Why did you turn your speed down to 10MB? Do you have something slower on the same channel? If you can do 160, why not?

Are you sure these are not tape issues? I randomly get dismount errors from Windows 2K Server but it usually has to do with the Remote Storage MMC. I can get these errors on occasion from not routinely running a retension on my tapes. Also, I am sure that you have a cleaning tape and have been running it regularly (right?).

I am not well versed with DAT tapes so I cannot really offer too much help here. I am still not sure of what is 'failing' on these tape drives. I would imagine that if the tape drive is trying to write on the tape at 160mb and it is denied data at 10mb, could this create a 'buffer underrun'?

I will try to tap some of my resources to see if I can get an answer for your. I am unaware of any 'known' issues with this drive.



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From: Jeff on 08/30/2002

Hp recomends turning the speed down when your having problems. Something about the system is sending data faster then the tape drive can write it. The tapes we are using are DDS3 about 2 months old. We clean the drive once a week. Here is a sample of the error messages we are getting. Keep in mind this is a new drive only 3 days installed. We got 1 good backup and its failed every time after that.

Drive and media information from media mount:
Robotic Library Name:
Drive Name: HP 1
Slot: 0
Media GUID: {C73B7237-EBAA-42A1-A98C-1BE21F0C8955}
Media Label: #2B24B821-001
Overwrite Protection Time Left: None
Append Time Left: Infinite
Targeted Media Set Name: Media Set 1

Job Operation - Backup
Media operation - overwrite.
Hardware compression enabled.

Storage device "HP 1" reported an error on a request to read data from media.

Error reported:
Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

----- TapeAlert Events -----

Device: HP 1 (NOREQ_FS1)
A severe error occurred while reading or writing data. This job may not have been successfully completed.

Device: HP 1 (NOREQ_FS1)
The tape drive needs cleaning:
1. If the operation has stopped, eject the tape and clean the drive.
2. If the operation has not stopped, wait for it to finish and then clean the drive.
Check the tape drive users manual for device specific cleaning instructions.

Job ended: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 11:05:31 PM
Job completion status: Failed


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